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Jiangmen Pengjiang Shuotai Electric Co., Ltd. founded in 2002, the registered capital of 1000 million yuan; The
company in 2011 "guangdong private technology enterprise", "National High-tech enterprise" title. We have a group
of professional advanced technical talent, the company covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, set research and development, production, sales in the integration of Shuotai science and technology industrial base, for the company's sustainable development laid a solid foundation and strong future!

Company scientific research personnel after years of research, innovation and development, and finally in 2011 successfully developed the first bath crock of disruptive industry products—— No pipe series massage pump! This series of products has been accumulated for more than 50 national patent, and has many famous brands and global and national established a cooperative relationship. Such as TOTO、ROCA、APPOLLO、CRW BATHROOMS、AMERICAM STAMDARD、WISEMAKERFAENZAAOSMANMorris EAGOALLY…


Pipeless Massage Pump:

  • No Pipeline: No pipeline,no water residue;odourless and tasteless,prevent bacterial growth!
  • High Efficiency Installation: No pipeline and connector,no need to call the glue;simple installation,eliminating the hidden trouble of leakage!
  • Strong Driving Force: "0" power consumption straight jet flow;bring people super comfortable massage and relaxation effect!
  • Ultra-long Lifespan: The working time is up to 20000h;unparalleled service life!
  • Energy Saving: The pump power is 30-80W;save energy than traditional massage bath crock more than 79.6%!
  • Safty & Reliability: Structure of complete separation of water and electricity;electrically charged part of massage pump is completely independent!
  • Auto Air-in: With Negative Pressure air intake function;automatically adding air to water without an additional gas pump!
  • Super Quiet: Reasonable structure,compact design;working noise < 40dB!
  • Simple Cleaning: Remove pump cover,clean the pump with shower or brush directly!
  • Convenient Maintenance: Reasonable simple structure;easy to be installed and removed;easy maintenance!
In the data arrangement...

Massage bath crock pipe-free pump

Foot basin pipeless massage pump series

SPA pipeless massage pump series

Drain pump series

Wash pump series

Vegetable cleaning machine pipeless massage pump series

Electric control box series

Waterproof power supply series

Inlet valve/solenoid valve series

Other fittings series

Pipe Free SPA Whirlpool Bathtub

Water Drainage series

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